So sad.

You know that saying, if you love something set it free…..  Don’t.  That shit’s dumb.

Every time I come to this new (old) blog spot I just feel sad now.  I loved this place so much and, I’m sure somewhere deep down there, I still do but it makes me sad to come here.  I miss the old sherendipity and I should never have let it go.  No matter what the reason.
It needs to be restored to it’s former, if not more beautiful state of glory.  And it will be.  Take that.  As soon as I recover the info on my hard drive from a failed computer and I can figure out how to do it.




You know a post is bad when it starts out with ugh.
So, a while ago my site went into renewal stage.  Then, after some neglect, it went into expiry stage.  I didn’t renew as I usually do because I entertained some talk of moving to another provider and trashing the thought of having a site altogether.  Unable to let go, I let everything expire and took the chance of losing it all.  And I did.
So all old content is gone.  It wasnt earth shatteringly brilliant anyway, so it’s not a big deal.  Hopefully that will help me sleep at night.  Ok, I’m not losing sleep but I am slightly sad.
That’s pretty much all the effs I care to give.  I’m more upset that, when I signed back up for web hosting, I somehow got hooked up with CPanel and I don’t have a freaking clue how it works.  Also, apparently today I don’t have either the smarts or the patience to try to understand it.
And thus, this is what I have right now.  It’s not much.  Less than a work in progress, I would call it and I’m not even remotely happy with it.  The good part is it can’t get any uglier or worse than it is, even though it’s all uphill from here.
Like I need another flippin’ project.